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We start with the premise that your horse already receives a substantial proportion of the nutrition he needs, before you ever mix anything in a bucket.

This is because a 500Kg horse should be consuming around 10-12 Kg of forage a day (on a dry weight basis), comprised of hay, haylage and grass. Good quality forage will provide the vast majority of the horse’s daily nutritional needs.

So, in our mission to create the perfect horse feed for optimum equine health that would also save you money, we decided to be Smart about it and start from the bottom up.

Think Smart. Think what your horse is missing.

Essentially, there are two key elements that are missing in the diet of a horse fed on an un-supplemented forage based diet: micro nutrients (key vitamins and minerals that are unlikely to be in sufficient supply in your forage) and macro nutrients (protein and energy), that are needed for reproduction, growth and an intense work load.

While the majority of horse feed companies tie these two elements together in their feeds, our nutritionists formulated a range of feeds that keeps them separate, so you can adjust the quantities fed to exactly suit your horses and their individual needs.

Take control of your horse’s diet, feed without compromise.


Why Feed Smart


Only feed your horse exactly the nutrients he or she needs.


Easily adjustable to your horses’ changing requirements.


No compromise on ingredients or nutrition, all our feeds are free from cereal by–products, fillers, preservatives, GMO ingredients & molasses.


Balanced levels of Omega 3, through liberal use of micronised linseed.


An entire yard of horses can be fed as individuals.

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