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The BETA NOPS (naturally occurring prohibited substances) Scheme is a code of practice throughout the equine feed industry to minimise the risk of NOPS contamination in feeds for horses. Castle Horse Feeds are proud members of this scheme, working day in and day out to ensure our feeds are manufactured to the highest possible standard.

NOPS do continue to affect equestrian sport, but horse owners and riders can help minimise the risk of NOPS contamination by following these essential steps:

Choose feeds or supplements from companies accredited to the BETA NOPS Code with the green BETA NOPS logo on the packaging, such as Castle Horse Feeds. This shows that the manufacturer is part of an important scheme to minimise the risk of NOPS in horse feed.

Only buy feed in correctly labelled sealed bags.

Buy only good-quality forage from a reputable supplier and look for any weeds.

Keep only horse and pony feed in your feed room and do not share it with feed for other animals.

Make sure the feed room is locked when not in use.

Never eat or drink in the stable or feed room. Chocolate and coffee contain banned substances.

Do not keep first-aid and grooming kits in the feed room.

Avoid using the same stirrer to mix feeds – especially when one horse is given medication in its feed.

Do not use home-made remedies in your horse’s feed.

Avoid giving titbits of human food to your horse.

Clean any mangers or buckets used to administer medication thoroughly after use.

If your horse is at livery, designate one person who is well-informed about NOPS risks to prepare and distribute feed rations.

Ensure old feed is used up before opening new bags.

Keep labels or batch numbers in case a problem with prohibited substances should ever arise.

Take samples of new feed and keep it for two months after consumption – in case of any investigation.

Contact the manufacturer to check the suitability of a feed for your horse.

Beware of any claims made by feed manufacturers who are not part of the BETA NOPS code.

Here at Castle Horse Feeds we’re here to help ensure your horse receives the best nutrition possible for health and performance. If you have any questions at all about any of our feeds, the best feed for your horse or on the BETA NOPS Scheme, please do get in touch.

Castle Horse feeds are manufactured under the BETA NOPS Scheme. We take every reasonable precaution to ensure that this feed is free from prohibited substances but can give no guarantee. For more information please refer to

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