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In formulating the Castle Horse Feeds range, we have researched, searched and researched again raw ingredients and only use those that have a beneficial effect on your horse. We have rejected nutritionally empty by products used in most other horse feeds; so out has gone wheat feed, oat feed, distillers grains, genetically modified ingredients, molasses and straw. We have based our feeds on Grass, Micronised Linseed and Sugar beet pulp – all feeds that offer a benefit to your horse.

Then we have developed a unique supplement to fortify our range. Minerals are provided by organic trace mineral nutrition that has been pioneered by our partners Zinpro. For more than 40 years, Zinpro have focused solely on trace mineral nutrition, producing research-proven, Performance Minerals® that deliver exceptional results. These organic minerals are then blended with high specification vitamins, amino acids and digestive aids to provide world class Nutrition for your horse.

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