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Smart linseed is pre-cooked so that it can be fed to your horse straight from the bag. Cooking improves feed value and palatability and destroys the naturally occurring Linase. Linseed is high in oil and has been fed to horses for many years for its significant health benefits. These health benefits are predominantly linked to the high presence of Omega 3 fatty acids. Feeding Smart linseed to your horse will promote healthy skin and will help with a high shine to his coat. Omega 3 fatty acids are thought to also play an important role in helping to maintain immune function and to support repair processes.


 The benefits of Linseed:

  • The Omega 3 fatty acids contained within linseed are thought to have strong anti-inflammatory properties
  • Linseed may help to boost the immune system, making it beneficial for horses with metabolic conditions as well as veteran horses
  • Adding fat to a horse’s diet has been shown to improve coat and skin condition, making linseed an excellent feed to promote skin and coat health
  • Smart Linseed is a useful feed for those horses and ponies that need a low starch and sugar diet but still need to maintain condition
  • Linseed contains highly digestible soluble fibre that not only provides an excellent energy source for horses but also contains mucilages which could be beneficial for gastrointestinal function and integrity

Cooked Linseed Meal.

Feed in addition to Smart Balance as needed. Smart Linseed should be fed at a rate of 50-200g per 100kg body weight

For weight gain, Smart Linseed can be fed at a rate of up to 1kg/day for a 500Kg horse.

Always introduce Smart Linseed gradually to allow the digestive system time to adjust to the new feed.

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