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Ride & Shine (a new product 0f 2023)

A delicious complete feed that is easy to prepare with great nutrition. Giving topline and condition with controlled energy. With whole cooked linseed helping your horse and pony to shine


Ride & Shine will provide the following:

High levels of whole cooked linseed (10%) to promote skin and coat condition
High fibre complete feed with quality protein for topline and muscle development
Elevated energy levels to support condition, weight gain and performance
Beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids to support natural anti inflammatory processes
Fully balanced vitamins and chelated minerals for optimum health, well being and performance
A blend of fibres with added probiotics to support digestive health
For weight gain for horses and ponies that need to improve condition and have dental issues or reduced chewing ability.

Linseed is a low sugar,  low starch feed that that provides high quality protein and is calorie dense. The Omega 3 fatty acids contained within linseed are thought to have strong anti- inflammatory properties making it beneficial for horses with metabolic conditions. It’s easily digested making it ideal for Veterans and horses or ponies with dental issues. Adding linseed to the diet has been shown to improve coat and skin condition.
NIS, Oatfeed, Cooked Linseed, Micro Peas, Soya, Micro Maize, Rapeseed Oil, Wheatfeed, Micro Beet, Vitamins & Minerals, XP Yeast, Banana flavouring

Feeding Rate and instruction: 1 part feed: 1 part water soak for 10 minutes
Feed 200 gms – 600gms per 100 kilos of body weight depending on condition and work load.
Do not feed dry

golden age mix
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