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Why Smart Feeds?

Forage First

Horses are designed to consume vast quantities of forage and at Smart Horse Nutrition we believe forage should always be the most important part of your horses’ diet. Our feeds are designed to complement a forage based diet, by supplying the micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and macronutrients (energy + protein) that may be missing in forage alone, providing your horse with all he needs for exceptional health and performance!!

Simple and Individual

Smart Horse Nutrition is designed to keep your horses’ diet very simple and easy to manage, whilst supplying premium quality nutrition, taking the guess work out of feeding your horse. Smart Feeds allow you to take control of your horses’ diet by providing the 3 main building blocks of a balanced diet; micronutrients (Smart Balance), macronutrients (Smart Muesli and Smart Linseed) and fibre. By feeding Smart Balance as the foundation of the diet, the macronutrients and fibre can be fed to perfectly tailor your horses’ diet to his own individual requirements – the Smart way to feed your horse!

Superior Nutrition

Smart feeds are created from nutritious, wholesome and highly digestible ingredients, providing superior nutrition for your horse at a very competitive price.

These ingredients start with grass meal as the base, as grass is the natural feed for your horse and is highly nutritious. The inclusion of grass meal in Smart Feeds means your horse gets this natural goodness all year round.

Micronised linseed is a major ingredient in Smart Feeds as it is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids and is rich in oil, making it excellent for maintaining condition. Linseed is thought to have many health benefits, due to the high levels of omega 3, including immunity, anti-inflammatory properties, and gastrointestinal function and integrity. Generous levels of linseed are included throughout the Smart Feed range to ensure your horse truly benefits from its many nutritious properties.

Unmolassed beet pulp is a highly digestible ‘soluble’ fibre and is included in Smart feeds to provide a superior source of slow release energy for your horse.

Cereals can provide an excellent source of calories and at Smart Horse Nutrition we use micronised cereals that have been cooked to ensure high levels of digestibility.  These cereals are used sparingly to increase the energy density of our diets, but at safe levels for optimum digestion. Micronised peas are also included in the Smart Feed range as they are high in protein and are a nutritious source of essential amino acids.

To further deliver superior nutrition, Smart Feeds do not contain any nutritionally empty ingredients, so Smart Feeds are formulated without the use of cereal by-products or ‘fillers’.  Wheatfeed and Oatfeed are commonly included in horse feeds to provide extra bulk and low calorie ‘fibre’ and sound good, but they are actually by-products of the milling industry, which basically means left-overs.

Wheatfeed and oatfeed are made up from fine particles of the outer layers (hull and hairs) of the wheat or oat grain. These outer layers are prone to accumulating dust, fungal spores and mycotoxins and the fibre is not well digested, giving them a poor nutritive value.

At Smart Horse Nutrition, we exclude these cereal by-products from our feeds because we believe they do not supply superior nutrition to your horse. And that is our goal, to provide your horse with superior nutrition at an affordable price.

To provide the healthiest and most nutritious diet for your horse – Think Smart, Be Smart, Feed Smart.

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