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Tailoring a diet for your horse

Horses come in all shapes, breeds and sizes, all with differing nutritional requirements to suit their work levels and lifestyle. Providing a diet which is tailored to your horse through a specifically formulated diet plan can be useful, but what are the benefits and how can this improve your horse’s health and nutrition?

Why should you have a diet plan for your horse?

As the dietary requirements of horses can be very different, it makes sense to find a diet which is right for them. It’s important to remember that horses are individuals, and this is where a diet plan can help with creating the right diet for YOUR horse.

Good Nutrition is essential to health and to give your horse the best nutrition, the diet should consider their own specific needs. A diet plan supports your horse as an individual and allows the diet to be tailored to many different requirements:

Performance – the right nutrition can improve performance, so tailoring the diet to work and performance is essential, whether you are striving for excellence or concerned about a drop in performance

Age –  nutritional needs differ with age, so whether you have a youngster or a golden oldie, a diet plan can help you to optimise their health and well-being.

Temperament –  diet can have a significant impact on temperament, particularly if a horse is prone to excitability, which can affect performance. A diet plan can help tailor feed types to temperament to help keep your horse calm and focused.

Weight management –  One of the most notable benefits of a having a diet plan is weight management, enabling the diet to be tailored towards losing or gaining weight for optimum condition.

Clinical nutrition– if your horse has or is prone to certain nutritional related conditions, the right diet and management is essential, so a diet plan can be essential for recovery and future prevention.

The Castle Horse Feeds approach to diet planning

At Castle Horse Feeds, we believe that every horse is an individual and their diet should reflect this. We believe in supplying superior nutrition to every horse or pony, through a tailored diet plan to meet their individual needs, whilst also offering you exceptional value for money.

We believe forage is the foundation of your horse’s diet and take a forage first approach to our diet plans. This means we can offer a diet which is not only unique to your horse, but that is also in sympathy with their digestive system.  We will analyse your horse’s specific requirements and offer an expertly tailored, nutritious diet with everything they require for optimum health, whilst also saving you money!

If you would like a free diet plan for your horse, simply go to and fill in your horse’s details. Or if you have any other nutrition related questions, contact us at or call 01497 570345.

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