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High Fibre Haylage


High Fibre Haylage is made from selected ryegrasses cut at a stage of growth to maximise high fibre, low sugar and lower energy levels. It will provide a forage that is suitable for all horses that are in light work or maintenance and those that require a lower calorie intake, all in a highly palatable and consistent form.


If you have a lot of horses to feed and are interested in purchasing in larger quantities, you may qualify for our extra professional riders discounts! Please submit your email address below and we will contact you with details.

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Castle Haylage is grown on a single farm in Lincolnshire to ensure that we get a consistent and palatable product. This allows for complete control over the growing, making and packing of the haylage and each bale is coded so it can be traced back to the time, date and field of harvest.

Castle Haylage is produced under the BETA NOPS Scheme to minimise the risk of contamination from Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances – essential if you compete in any regulated Horse Sport.

Castle Haylage offers your horse the following:

  • A high dry matter forage, (70/80%). You are buying more haylage and less water than traditional haylages which have low dry matter (50/60%).
  • A forage, which is lower in sugar yet more digestible than hay, giving it a higher digestible energy (DE) content. As a result, horses generally do better on haylage, making it beneficial to help enhance condition.
  • Great for horses in regular work, young horses with greater nutritional needs for growth, and older horses who need an easily digestible source of forage.
  • Haylage is dust free, ideal for horses with dust allergies or compromised respiration.
  • The higher digestibility of haylage means that reliance on extra feed can often be reduced, making it a very cost-effective forage choice.

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Weight 20 kg

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