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Lite & Shine is a new product 0f 2023: A tasty high fibre complete feed designed for horses and ponies at rest or in light work. Partial hay replacer suitable for horses and ponies with dental issues and reduced chewing ability. With whole cooking Linseed helping your horse and ponies Shine.


Lite & Shine will provide the following:

Lite & Shine will provide the following

Low levels of energy (8 mj/kg) to support rest, maintenance and light work
Low levels of starch 5.5% and sugar 2.2%
A blend of fibres with added probiotics to support digestive health
A 10 minute soakable feed suitable for horses and ponies with dental issues or reduced chewing ability
Beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids with the inclusion of whole cooked Linseed
Fully balanced with vitamins and chelated minerals for maximum absorption.

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Feeding Rate: 200gms -600gms per 100 kilos of body weight depending on condition and nutritional requirements

Do not feed dry. Soak 1 part feed : 1 part water

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