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A high-specification cube delivering advanced nutrition to support condition and performance. It provides elevated energy and protein and is suitable for horses and ponies needing extra condition and those in regular, more intense work.


Condition and Show Cubes will provide the following:

  • Low starch for controlled performance without excitability
  • Fully balanced vitamins and minerals to support health and condition
  • XP yeast metabolites to support and promote beneficial bacteria and enhanced fibre digestion
  • Quality protein sources from linseed and soya
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for excellent skin and coat health
  • High fibre to support hindgut health
  • Good levels of vitamin E for antioxidant support

Wheatfeed; High Fibre Oat By-Product; Linseed Expeller; Molasses; Soya bean meal; Maize; Grass, dried; Full Fat Linseed Meal; Soya Oil; Calcium Carbonate; Vitamin Premix; Sodium Chloride; Yeast Product (Diamond V XPC); Monocalcium Phosphate.

Feeding Rate: 400 – 800 gm per 100Kg of horse’s weight, depending on condition and work done.

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