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Ingredient Focus – Micronised Peas

This month we focus on micronised peas – which are used throughout most of the Castle Horse Feeds Range with good reason.

What are micronised peas?

Pea (Pisum sativum) is a species of legume, grown all over the world for their edible seeds or ‘peas’, which have excellent nutritional qualities, mainly in the form of protein.

The Peas used in horse feed are generally harvested when they are more mature than those used for us humans. They are then flaked and cooked through the process of micronisation, to maximise digestion. They can be recognised in a bag of horse feed by their distinctive green colour.

The Benefits of Peas:

  • Peas have an excellent amino acid profile – the building blocks of protein, making them a very useful protein source.
  • Peas are a particularly good source of what are known as essential amino acids, which need to be provided in the diet.
  • The good-quality protein of peas supports optimum muscle tone and integrity, making them ideal for working horses, broodmares and growing foals.
  • Provide a source of digestible energy from simple carbohydrates
  • Peas contain good levels of digestible or ‘fermentable’ fibre (including pectin) which support beneficial fibrolytic (fibre loving) hindgut bacteria.

At Castle we like to embrace functional ingredients that offer superior nutrition for your horse. We therefore, include micronised peas within a range of our feeds including – Smart Zero Mix, Smart Zero Mash, Smart Zero Lite, Banana Mix, Diamond Minty Mix, Super Cool Mix, Condition and Show Mix, Smart Muesli, Stud and Breeding Mix and Golden Age Mix.

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