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Ingredient Focus – Grass Pellets

Grass pellets are a widely used and nutritious feed for horses which we use as a beneficial ingredient throughout our feeds.  Grass pellets are highly palatable, help support digestive health and provide your horse with the benefits of fresh summer grass all year round!

What are Grass Pellets?

Grass pellets are produced by cultivating fresh grass, which is then dried, ground and bound into a nutritious pellet. The grass that we use to make the grass nuts in our feed is grown on one of 2 family farms, one in Lincolnshire and one in Devon: this ensures full traceability, allowing us to know which field and on what day the grass in our feed was harvested.

The Benefits of Grass Pellets

  • Grass is essential for your horse’s well-being, providing a nutritious range of naturally occurring micronutrients, energy and protein.
  • Provide an excellent source of fibre, to help support good digestive health.
  • Easy to chew and highly digestible for optimum nutrition
  • Support and nurture a healthy hindgut microbial community, which is key to equine health.
  • Naturally occurring sugars in grass nuts mean they are naturally sweet. This makes them highly palatable – great for fussy feeders.
  • Provides an excellent source of energy to support a variety of work levels for working horses and ponies
  • Provide beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Support good overall condition
  • The fibre in grass nuts supplies a source of slow-release energy which helps provide stamina.


At Castle we like to embrace functional, quality ingredients that have nutritious benefits for your horse.  Grass nuts are, therefore, used throughout a range of our feeds including  – Smart Balance, Smart Muesli, Smart Zero Mix, Smart Zero Mash, Smart Zero Cubes, Super Cool Mix, Diamond Minty Mix, Conditioning, Show Mix and Cubes, Golden Age Mix and Stud and Breeding Mix and Cubes – to provide your horse with all of the benefits of grass, in a digestible, convenient form.

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